How The Ads Targeting playbook Works...
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As a baker, if you are not currently running Ads on any social media platform...


Some smart bakers implemented the Ads targeting strategy and  they have this to say…

Some smart bakers Implemented the Ads targeting strategy and  they have this to say…

Just like my students, I want you to get your own share of the large volume of customers ready to buy baked products online

Which is why I am here to show you exactly how to create profitable Facebook, Instagram Ads targeting specifically designed to grow your customer base



How To Create And Save Your Target Audience The Right Way

How to target rich people that can afford to buy your baked products (General Active Buyers)

Audience Targeting for birthday celebrants and their friends

Audience Targeting for wedding cakes and anniversaries

Audience targeting for parents of kids

Audience Targeting for event planners


1. How To Access Facebook Ads Manager and run profitable Ads the right way with A Mobile Phone
(Full video available if you get the Ads Targeting e-Book now)

2. How To Create and Save Your Audience for maximum results

(Full video available if you get the Ads Targeting e-Book now)

3. How to select and use the saved audience while running Ads

(Full video available if you get the Ads Targeting e-Book now)

4. Everything you need to know about creating irresistible offers for your baking business

(Available for free if you get the Ads Targeting e-Book now)

5. Sales Communication Templates

(Available for free if you get the Ads Targeting e-Book now)


Profitable FBK & IG Ads Targeting Playbook For Bakers goes for...

N2,500 (Today's Price)

Price goes back to N5,500 after now. This is not even a joke, see proof below


Pay to the account details below:


Account Number: 0295744239

Bank: GTB

Account Name: Jacqueline Okonko



My Ads targeting strategy has recorded a huge success for my students. If you leave this page now, you may not see it again… the next time you see it, the price would actually become N5,500

If you're still reading, then you must have some questions...

Question 1: "When will I get the Ads Targeting e-Book after making payment?"

Ans: Immediately!
You’ll get instant access to the e-Book and the full video bonuses once payment has been confirmed. However, the N2,500 discount price would not wait for you. The price can change anytime. Take advantage of the discounted price now!

Question 2: "Can I use my phone?"

Ans: Yes, you can access the e-Book and all the videos on your phone, tablet or PC. Everything you will learn can also be practiced using any kind of smart device

Question 3: "I have attended so many Ad classes in the past that did not yield any result. So what makes this one different?"

Ans: Other Ad classes you have attended only talk about creating Ads for businesses in general. However, this e-Book focuses on Ad targeting for bakers. The strategies in this e-Book are specifically curated for baking businesses alone. All the Ads targeting options have been tested and proven to work for bakers.

Question 4: "I don't know anything about running Facebook and Instagram ads, will this e-Book be easy for me to understand?"

Ans: Yes, the practical step by step bonus videos are beginner friendly and easy to understand. Also, I am always available to answer your questions.

Question 5: "I have never made any sale online before, will this Ad thing work for me?"

Ans: Yes. If you carefully implement all the the strategies in this e-Book, you will not only make sales, you will also grow your customer base

Question 6: "Is there a deadline to access the bonus videos? What if I am busy now can I still access the lectures later?"

Ans: After payment, you can access the e-Book and Videos anytime you want. It stays with you forever so you can learn at your own pace even if you have a busy schedule. But first you need to take advantage of the discounted offer, price would increase after now

Question 7: "I paid someone to do Ads Targeting for me but it is not working. How can you help me?"

Ans: I am so sorry about your experience. However, Facebook and Instagram Ads targeting for bakers works very differently from other businesses. Most times you are targeting your competitors and unserious people. My Advice would be that you get the profitable FBK & IG Ads Targeting Playbook for bakers to learn how to set your target audience yourself.

Question 8: "What if I have more questions, how do I contact you?"

Ans: I am always available to respond to my clients and students whenever my attention is needed. For any kind of question at all, feel free to send me a whatsapp message here  https://wa.me/2349163039330 . I am here to go through this journey with you

Question 9: "What is the guarantee that I will get clients after getting this e-Book?"

Ans: The Ads targeting strategies in this e-Book is an absolute game changer. If you apply all that I will show you in this e-Book and the videos consistently, you will also be sending in your testimonial just like my students very soon

At this point you may not know it, but you have only 2 options…

OPTION 1: You can leave this page now, run to google and try to figure this out on your own or even pay someone to get your targeting done for you. But here is what will happen…

You won’t be able to target your audience  the right way because You have no idea how my sales driven “COMBO STRATEGY” works for Ads targeting

When you can’t find the information, you will come back looking for this page, by then the N2,500 discount will be long gone, the price would become N5,500

Which would bring you back to making the same mistakes that brought you 0 orders and NO clients.

Is that what you really want for your business?


OPTION 2: You can take advantage of this discount right now…

These days, you get to to spend so much on internet data connection every month. What if you sacrifice this little amount to learn how to grow your business better?

Meet The Authur

My name is Jacqueline Okonko. I am a Web Designer, a digital marketer and a Hobby baker 

I handle the techy side of your baking business, while you focus on baking yummy treats.

I am the smartest Facebook & Instagram Ads baking business coach on the internet today…you think it’s a lie? Then check out the testimonials below to see what cake businesses like yours are saying.

My sales driven “COMBO” strategy is the absolute TRUTH you really do not want to miss out on.

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