Ready To Add An Additional Stream Of Income To Your Baking Business?

Have you ever wondered how people take simple information and turn it into at least 100k per month income online?
Would you like to sell helpful digital products (…like PDF’s and Video courses) and make an extra 100k/month doing it?

This course reveals the 5 steps & strategies to launch a wildly profitable digital product business in a few weeks.
Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

My name is Jacqueline also known as @techyybaker on Instagram. In the last 1 year, I have created 3 best selling courses and two e-Books to help bakers grow their businesses online

In just a couple of months, I have sold over 1,000 copies of my courses and eBooks combined. I have sold to bakers in different African countries and I am about to show you exactly how I do it in my…

Digital Products Creation And Website Design Masterclass: How to Build A 100k/month Evergreen Digital Product Business… 

Here’s What You Will Learn

✓ The exact strategy and sales funnel I use in creating and selling digital products online

✓ The Structure …and Math for making 100k/month passive income selling digital products

Case study: How I grew my IG followers from 100 to 15.4k in less that 1 year and how you can build your own audience

✓ How to create a digital product that sells from DAY 1 …without needing to create it yourself

✓ Simple Automation Tools To Automate your sales and product delivery so that you can run this business 100% passively (BY THE SIDE)

✓ How to create high converting landing pages …that will convince your audience to buy your digital products fast.

✓ Tested and trusted Facebook Ads strategy …that will help you reach the right target audience.

What Does It Cost?

I know this course is worth gold but I am not sharing it to make money alone… So I am not going to give it to you for N25,000... Not N15,000... Not even N10,000

Price: N8,000

Anniversary Price: N4,800

Pre-Launch price: N5,000 (for fast action takers only)



Click the red button below to get payment details via WhatsApp

You will be given access to the Advanced Google Marketing course immediately after payment confirmation


Pay N8,000 to the account details below:


Account Number: 0295744239

Bank: GTB

Account Name: Okonko Jacqueline Emmanuel.



If you are in Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa etc

If you're still reading, then you must have some questions...

Question 1: "Jacqueline, why is the training so cheap?"

(1) To extend a helping hand to people who truly want to tap into the digital economy

(2) To discourage freebie seekers. As the saying goes… “People who pay, pay attention”. I really want the highest quality of minds getting access to this.

Question 2: "When will the digital products creation and website design class begin after making payment?"

*Ans*: Class is already ongoing. The videos are pre-recorded and you will get Instant access immediately after payment.

Question 3: "Can I use my phone?"

*Ans:* Yes, you can access the class on your phone, tablet or Laptop. Everything you will learn can also be practiced using any kind of smart device. However, I strongly advice that you get a laptop for the website design aspect of the class for ease of navigation

Question 4: "I already have a digital product, my problem is how to market it. Will this course help me?"

*Ans:* YES. I will be sharing the exact strategies I use in marketing my own digital products. So you can copy my blueprint

Question 5: "I run more than one business. Will I have the time to go through with this?"

*Ans:* Yes. First off, I will show you how to create a digital product using the help of AI so you have time to go about your other businesses. Also, you only need to devote little time to create the product just once and sell it as many times as you want.

Question 6: "Is there a deadline to access the class? What if I am busy now can I still access the lectures later?"

*Ans:* Once the course is launched on the 7th of July, you can access the course anytime you want. It stays with you forever so you can learn at your own pace even if you have a busy schedule. But first you need to take advantage of the pre-launch offer for fast action takers now, because the price would increase after now

Question 7: "What exactly will you teach us for the website design aspect of the class and will i be able to create an online store for my baking business?"

*Ans:* You will learn how to create high converting landing pages and sales pages to sell your digital products. Yes, you will be able to create e-commerce website for your baking business and even for other businesses.

Question 8: "Do I need to be tech savvy to grasp the teachings?"

You do not need to be techy or have any prior knowledge of coding. All you need is a little bit of patience and the willingness to learn

Question 9: "What if I have more questions, how do I contact you?"

*Ans:* I am always available to respond to my clients and students whenever my attention is needed. See what some of them have to say about me…

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