How would you feel if you could Get Steady Stream of Clients Online Even If you Have Never Sold Online Before?

Join over 400 bakers who have taken this class and have learned how to use my “GOMBO STRATEGY” in creating well optimized Google business accounts which brings in consistent cake orders every month


The first part of this class would be absolutely FREE. I will show you how to create a business account the right way to suit your baking business using a particular Google business tool

The second part would be a paid class (NOT FREE) this is not compulsory in any way.

In the paid class, I will teach you how to take your baking business to the next level by verifying and optimizing your business account in a way that your baking business ranks high on google search results. Also, your prospective clients can easily find you when they search for keywords related to your business such as “cake shop near me”, “Bakery near me”, “Chocolate cakes”, “Kiddies Cakes” etc 

Meet Your Instructor

My name is Jacqueline Okonko. I am a Web Designer, a Hobby baker and a Certified Google My Business Expert.

I Help Businesses get more sales online every month consistently using My sales driven ‘’GOMBO’’ strategy.

I have successfully trained over 400 bakers on how to market their cakes, pastries and other bakes on google.

I am about to show you how it is done. Click on the red button below to join the class.

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