Hi there, My name is Jacqueline

I have helped over 100+ Businesses attract customers

from google search and I am about to do same for your own Business

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion searches that happen on google everyday?

There are so many prospective clients out there waiting to find your business on Google
The problem is, you do not know or understand how to show up on the first page of google search results

Which is why You Need Us To...

Create and optimize A Google Business Profile for your baking business

If you already have a Google business profile, we will optimize your Business Profile to be visible for keywords such as: “Affordable Fashion designer me” , “Event decorator in Lagos“ etc

One of our clients got this testimonial from a new customer that recently discovered her business on GOOGLE.

Her Business literally stood out amongst others

Here's What We Will Do For You

Ready? Here's What You Need To Get started

Kindly send us the following information:

1. Name

2. Business Name

3. Brief Business Description

4. Full Address: ( Note: It doesn’t matter whether your business has a physical location or not)

5. Proof of business ownership ( Business registration certificate, Tax Identification document or A utility bill) Please note that these documents must bear your business name and business address

6. Phone Number

7. Active Gmail Address

8. Business Photos and caption

9. Product Images, Prices and caption if any

10. Business hours (Example: 9am – 5pm. Mon – Sat)

11. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (What are the most common questions your prospective clients or customers ask?)

Your investment is:

N10,000 / 200gh / 2,500ksh

Note: Google Business Profile creation and verification is free. You only pay for profile optimization, Google SEO, Photo geotag, post optimization and everything else needed to make your Google business profile Stand Out

Our client's hotel gets loads of messages daily for bookings

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're still reading, then you must have some questions...

Question 1: "How long will it take to finish the setup"

*Ans*: It takes roughly a week to complete the basic setup. However,  we will make posts once a week for a month. Then we will transfer full ownership to you and teach you how to manage your account yourself with your phone or PC.

Note: You only pay after your business has been verified. After verification, we will continue with the setup once your payment has been confirmed

Question 2: "What does SEO and Geotag mean?"

*Ans:* SEO stands for sech engine optimization and Geotag means pointing to the exact location of where a particular Photo was taken, making it easy for anyone to access your current location information. We would use these two technologies to help your business rank higher on google search. 

Question 3: "I already have a google my business account, do I still need this service?"

*Ans:* Congratulations! If you have your GMB account verified. If you have not…YES, you need this service. We will optimize your business for optimum visibility using our sales driven GOMBO strategy

Question 4: "I don't have a physical shop, can i still use Google My Business?"

*Ans:* Yes, Google My Business works for every kind of business. Perfect for entrepreneurs who work from home or own a physical store/office.

Question 5: I run more than one business. Can I create more than one google my business account to cater for all my businesses

*Ans:* Yes, Google allows you to add multiple businesses to your account and I’ll show you how to go about it. However, please note that we would charge you separately for creating an additional business

Question 6: "Is this fee a one time payment or are there extra charges?"

*Ans:* Yes, this is a one time payment. There are no extra charges. However, if you wish to renew your service with us, we would be glad to work with you

Question 7: "Do I need to have legal business registration before I can create a google my business account?"

*Ans:* Yes. Google wants to be sure that your business actually exists and that it truly belongs to you. So you would need at least one proof of business ownership such as: business registration certificate, tax registration document or utility bill (rent water, electricity bill etc.) Please note that these documents must bear your business name and business address

Question 8: "What if I have more questions, how do I contact you?"

*Ans:* I am always available to respond to my clients whenever my attention is needed.

For any kind of question at all, feel free to send me a whatsapp message here  https://wa.me/2349163039330 . I am here to go through this journey with you

Question 9: "What is the guarantee that I will get clients after paying for this service and when will i start getting clients?"

*Ans:* Google my business has been an absolute game changer for many businesses. We cannot predict exactly when you would start getting clients. However, your business profile remains on Google forever. As long as you are consistently showing up, an order or a client would definitely come through

With proper optimization, our clients restaurant business profile gets enquiries daily

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