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Then I Wondered…What Did These Women Do Differently That I Wasn’t Aware Of?.

Just two weeks ago he’d been chasing me like he was a hunter and I was the prize he’d been searching for his entire life.

“You’re so beautiful,” Eric would text me out of nowhere in the middle of the day.

A smile would bloom on my face.I’d blush. I’d feel this heat in my chest and this wonderful, terrible hope growing in me. I’d feel myself start to fall…

“I could fall in love with you,” he whispered after the first time we “made out” ,“made love” , “did the do’

Whatever you want to call it, it was amazing.

I wanted him from the very first moment we met, but I made him wait. I wanted him to feel like he “earned” me.But it was our fourth date and we were making out…And I inhaled the good masculine smell of him and felt the strength in his arms…And I felt so safe and protected and desired…And afterwards we lay there tangled in each other.He ran his fingers through my hair…


As I lay my head against his chest

listening to his heartbeat, I believed in some way that maybe, just

maybe, it was beating for me…

And we had two perfect weeks Two perfect weeks of flirty and romantic texts and laughing in bed and talking in vague terms about the far-off future…

And then… “you know what” happened.

Twenty passionate texts a day turned to ten boring ones.And “I can’t wait to see you,” turned to “I’ve been really busy with work.”And then suddenly, like a bad nightmare I’d had again and again and again…I was the one chasing him and feeling disgusting and hating myself for it.And then we got pizza and the table between us felt like A long bridge.And while he used to pull me towards him, and hug me like he was afraid he’d loose me if he let me go.

He just stretched out his arms a little hugged me like his sister and walked away.

And I knew I would never hear from him again.

“Jacqueline, I thought you finally learned this with Mike

My best friend Helen said as she hugged me while I sobbed

I lay there that night, hugging my pillow.Feeling a raw wound where all my hope used to be.Thinking about Lanre who I met at a birthday party back in university.Or Chucks from work who chased me and chased me until I finally agreed to go out with him. We had three dates and then he wouldn’t talk to me and never looked me in the eye again.

Or Chris who I was even engaged to. Who I spent 5 years with, only 2 of which were any good… because I didn’t want to be alone.I thought about starting over again and wanted to cry…Going on “Tinder” or whatever weird dating “app” people were using these days since no guys actually just walked up and asked you out anymore.

And wondering… what happened?Wondering why Eric pulled away.

Wondering what I could do to break free from the constant REJECTION from Men  and…

Make them see me as a DREAM-GIRL not a PLACEHOLDER

I knew I could do one of 3 things…


Send Eric A Very Long Hurtful Message For LEAVING ME.But Somehow, I Knew Doing This Would Not Change Anything


Go Shop For The Sexiest Outfits That Can Make Any Man  NOTICE ME. Deep Down I Knew This Wasn’t A Long Lasting Solution


Or I could make the wisest NEVER FAILING choice I made…

  1. Discover What Men Really Want from Women and why they keep pulling away from me

  2. Find out Why it seems so hard to find Real Men these days… and how to attract the          powerful, strong, premium men hiding right under my nose

  3. Learn the actual, honest truth about men and why they hide their true feelings

  4. Learn incredible simple Techniques And Tips that will make him not just pay attention to me but worship me like his  personal queen

So i decided to do an Internet search to see what I could LEARN.

There were lots of books and articles and blog posts, but it was all just the usual junk about spicing things up with a new outfit or hairstyle or trying something in bed.

I couldn’t find any satisfying answers to the numerous questions that ran through my mind.  

Still, i knew Men who used to say they were not ready for commitment and then suddenly became loyal, devoted

boyfriends and husbands who couldn’t help expressing their absolute delight in being with their woman.

Then I Wondered…

And That’s When I Got An IDEA

My boss runs an only male gym on weekends as a side hustle and has access to hundreds of guys who would be more than happy to answer my numerous questions.

These guys already shared with each other the most intimate details of their inner lives, their fears, their failures, their insecurities around women and dating.

And my boss knew he could trust them to be completely honest with their responses. I showed my list of questions to him and he immediately offered to help

I wrote 18 questions asking these men why they pulled away from certain women, how they felt and what was different with the women they felt completely devoted to.

I got over 200 responses and as I read them over that week and took notes, I noticed some startling patterns.

The same answers were appearing over and over again, often with the same exact words and phrases. And the more responses I read, the clearer the patterns became. 

I dug deeper into their responses and by the end of the week, I couldn’t believe the story their answers told. 

I translated everything i learned from my detailed discovery into

 powerful tips and techniques 

that painted a clear picture of…

  • Why Men Pull Away
  • What Women Do Unconsciously That Instantly Turn Men Off
  • Why Women Need To Intentionally Love Themselves Unconditionally First Before Going Into Any Relationship
  • The 1 Character Trait In A Woman That Attract Men’s Attention
  • What A Woman Can Do To Turn His Feelings Around  
  • How To Wake Up The Part Of Him That Wants To Be A Loyal And Devoted Partner Who Worships His Woman As His Queen
  • And So Much More…

Deep down, i knew Eric really liked me, yet i did not understand why he walked out on me the way he did.

Usually i would send my exes lengthy messages after we break up…and i would literally get NO RESPONSE

This time I tried something different.

I sent him a simple 4 word text I learned from My discovery and felt my heart in my throat as I hit Send.

And this time… just ten minutes later… Eric answered.And he asked me if we could see at the close of work

And instead of playing games or trying to seduce him, I applied one of my newly discovered techniques

First, I used the “Girl-Code Switch” Technique I’d discovered…It’s a really simple and practical technique.  But he looked at me confused.Over the next few weeks, day by day, I used my discovery.

I recited and practiced the 8 phrases i had designed from the responses i got from the men who responded to my survey, i did this over and over till it became part of my everyday activityIt was hard to believe but Suddenly Eric was texting me again…


Eric was chasing me again.And before I knew it, i had finally discovered and mastered what other women did to attract high quality men.

I suddenly didn’t feel very alone at all because i was confident that even if Eric walked out again which i am certain he would not, 

I now knew exactly what to do to attract the kind of premium man i wanted in my life.

“What did you do to him?”

Helen asked as I told her all about my discovery and how it worked like magic on Eric.

“So, Jacqueline, did you learn anything I can use with Donald?” 

Helen’s boyfriend of 3 years Donald was growing cold as the days passed

She said it with a FROWN, twisting her engagement ring on her finger .

I wasn’t sure at first. I’d worked so hard for so long…

Was this really something I wanted to share?

She’s my best friend, how could I say no?At midnight I got a text from her in all caps with a HUGE emoticon saying…

I guess Helen couldn’t keep a secret… Or maybe people could just see the glow…Our mutual friend, Laura called me up and asked if i could suggest something for her to try “You know, just for fun!”…

Laura was “always single” and was always complaining that guys pulled away after a couple dates.

She said she used the

I’m A Dream Girl, Not A Placeholder technique I gave her with a guy while they were on a casual date…

She got to work the next day to find a note begging to take her out again.

The cycle continued… Several other ladies reached out to me for help and

Somewhere along the way, what I was teaching all these women got the name:


And it kind of stuck, because that’s what it is:

“The character traits in a woman that makes high quality men chase you, want you and literally worship you 

while choosing the one you love the most“.Which brings us to YOU learning “The practical steps to becoming an irresistible woman ” too.

It means you have a chance to learn the devastating, wonderful truth.

It means you have a chance to get off the roller coaster of misery most relationships are and have a man actually love and worship you the way you deserve…

And why should you believe me? Why should you listen to anything I say about this?Here’s why.

My name is Jacqueline…And no, I’m not a Councillor or a “Relationship Coach” or anything like that…

I am a young lady who through her experience and lots of research has learned the secrets to getting any man to desire, adore and worship her.

I am passionate about seeing other women break free from the Emotional Cage they unconsciously put themselves in.

I see so many women every day in misery because you don’t understand

how to use your feminine super power to your advantage

This is what inspires a man to want to be the love and lover you’ve wanted for so long…

No, you are not alone. I have been here before

I have discovered these hidden truth.

Now, when my boyfriend Eric looks at me, He sees his lover he could never live without…

That is because After months and months of hard-work, testing this stuff in my own life, giving it to women from 23 to 50 and hearing their amazing, passionate, raving reviews…

I have mastered every technique to getting him to pay attention to me

And i want to share this with just a few other women outside my circle of family and friends

So, if you are reading this now, you might just be among the lucky few

I will share this amazing secret discovery with you

only if you PROMISE right now…

To learn to love yourself so much more than you want someone else to love you…

To start appreciating the unique qualities you cannot change about yourself

To stop hating yourself and thinking you are going to die single…

To forget every fantasy you ever had about what men are “supposed” to be…

To erase every bit of crap you ever learned from “Fairy tale” Disney love stories and unrealistic romance novels

To LET GO of the pain and bitterness and ANGER you have towards men who have disappointed you in the past…

To listen and to actually TRY what you learn.

If you can do that, this is going to be a life-changing event for you just like it was for me.

But if you can’t…Well, I thank you for your time but please leave this page right now because we have nothing else to talk about.

Still here? I just need you to say “yes” to a few important questions before I let you into “the club”:

Are You Ready?

Ready to learn how to be the price he desperately wants to win?

Ready to learn how to be comfortable being alone in your own space?

Ready to learn how to love yourself unconditionally first before seeking love from anyone else?

Ready to learn the actual, honest truth about men?

Are you ready for him to put down his phone and actually listen and pay attention and really be present with you because you are his absolute priority?

Ready to learn the incredibly simple techniques and strategies that will make him not just pay attention to you but worship you like his personal queen?

Ready to finally feel what it’s like to relax with a man?

Ready to be able to give yourself to him without fear he’s going to turn out like all the others or leave you for someone half your age?

Ready to feel and know in every fiber of your being that he truly loves you and wants to be with you and only you forever?

Ready to have him pull you close instead of pushing you away?

If you’re still reading this…If you’ve felt yourself nodding along and wanting to feel like this…If you’re brave enough to want to hear the actual truth even if it’s not what you want to be true…Then it means the answer is yes, yes, yes…So here we go. Take a deep breath…

Then let me introduce you to…

THE IRRESISTIBLE WOMAN is my step-by-step guide filled with tips, strategies and psychological techniques for becoming an irresistible woman every man is dying to have


You may think that is not possible, but that’s because you do not know

How To Exercise Your Feminine Power By Using “THE GIRL CODE SWITCH” Technique (Page 40)

How to love yourself unconditionally first before seeking love from anyone else by playing the I LIKE MYSELF GAME (Page 20)

The 3 words (NOT I LOVE YOU”) a man will say to a woman he believes is “The One” that he would not say to other women  (Page 44)

The 4 word question to never ask a man (Page 49)

The secret, hidden emotional side of men and how to use it to get any man hooked on you. (Page 14)

How to identify play boys from a mile away.

You’ll be able to separate the boys from the men, the serious ones from the ‘not so serious’ ones,

so you finally stop investing your precious time and emotions with the wrong type. (Page 29)

How To Show Him You Are A Dream Girl, Not A Place-Holder (Page 47)

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, you’ll also discover

The 1 character trait in a woman, that makes men weak to their knees..

activate this power of yours, and watch him panic and blow up your phone with numerous calls and messages. (Page 10)

What Men Really Want from Women Something that he will never tell you even if he has a gun pointed at his head

Find out this long time hidden secret that men don’t want any woman to know on (Page 16)

How To Make Him Beg To Be Your Man Forever Without Making Him Feel Pressured (Page 41)

And so much more.

I can’t wait to hear your own success story just like These

amazing, passionate, raving reviews below…


“Totally loved this book and I am hoping to read more from you in the future. I applied all your tips and they worked perfectly.”


“It was like I could hear the writers voice, like she was right in front of me and we were having a conversation. I speed read the book in about 2 hours and I enjoyed every minute.”


“The 1 character trait in a woman, that makes men weak to their knees…Nothing but wisdom. This is the highlight of the book. I learnt how to implement this in the simplest form ever”


“Every girl must read!!!. Very concise and straight to the point, with an eye opening perspective on male behaviour! Great book, highly recommend”


“This book let’s you understand the perception and reasons behind the reactions of the male species towards the females; I applaud the author of this book for the brilliant insights!”


“I love this book. I couldn’t put it down. Its so informative and make so much sense. I felt like its written for me.”

Can you feel that?

Your heart beating…

The dryness in your mouth…That incredible desire to know this, to be able to do this, to have this power?To have that one special man need you (and only you) like this?

To feel not just loved but WORSHIPED by him like a queen, like a goddess, like his one true love…

How much is it worth to have all this at your fingertips?How much is it worth to have him fall in love with you and STAY in love with you for as long as you want?How much is it worth to never have to settle for a guy because you know there is an endless supply of men who would chew off their own leg to be with you?How much is it worth to know he has given you his heart… his love… his devotion… and that it is yours forever if you

just follow these simple steps?

Honestly, having practiced everything in this program myself…Having felt for myself how this discovery changed my life and helped me escape dating hell …

I would have happily paid thousands of dollars for this even though I’m nowhere near “rich.”

I mean, how much would it really be worth to you…To know the secret to making any man want to commit so you can stop going through the hell of “dating” and spend the rest of your life in love …?To make your boyfriend chase you and want you and need you like this even if he feels like a ghost to you now?…To have your husband wake up to the amazing woman who has been there under his nose the whole time…

I don’t want to bring you down here…But i see so many women every day in misery because they don’t understand men…

Women who beg their boyfriends or husbands to do things with them and give them attention to no avail…

Or women who complain about being alone, who spend so much money on dating sites and fancy clothes…

But who just don’t understand masculine psychology… what men truly desire… what inspires a man to want to be the love and lover you’ve wanted for so long…

So think about that for a second…

Think about how knowing this… how having this information and tactics will change your entire future with men just like they did for me…How it will keep your current relationship from ending in bitterness and pain the way all the others did…How it will make sure you never make the same mistakes again …How it will keep him faithful…

And then ask yourself…

What do you think would be a Fair Price to…


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Option 1 is to leave this page without enrolling in the program…

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I know you don’t want that…

I know you are so sick of feeling that…So sick of pretending it doesn’t bother you…

So sick of yearning for real connection, real love, real passion with a man who sees the real you and just wants more and more and more…

Which is why I want you to take a moment and seriously consider taking…


In a lot of ways, it’s the easier road because all it takes on your part is deciding you love yourself enough to say “Yes” right now…

Get every single thing I’ve talked about on this page (and quite a few surprises I haven’t even mentioned but I can’t wait for you to see…)Learn how get him to chase you, now and forever…To beg to be your man because of how amazing you make him feel…To do everything he possibly can to show you how important you are to him.

I have created the “owner’s manual” to men…

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