ATTENTION uyo business owners

With a well crafted Facebook and Instagram Sponsored Ads, you can show your business to ready active buyers living in the city of Uyo.

You want to get more customers for your business through
Fbk & IG Ads but…

1. You have never sold online before and you have no idea how to go about it.
2. You have tried running Ads several times but none was profitable and you are afraid to try again.
3. You have attended several FBK & IG Ad classes which were not so helpful because none of them addressed detailed targeting for businesses in Uyo.
4. You paid someone to setup your Ads Targeting for you and that too did not work.
I feel your pain dear business owner.
Many potential customers in Uyo are interested in what you are selling, but they don’t know how to locate you.
Which is why I am here to show you exactly how to create profitable FBK & IG sponsored Ads specifically designed to grow your customer base.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I am Jacqueline, a Web Designer and a digital marketer.
Over the years, I have taught over 17k business owners all over the world how to sell more products and services using Facebook and Instagram Sponsored Ads and I am about to show you too.
I want you to get your own share of the large volume of customers ready to buy your products online.
I am committed to helping you find your Ideal customers in the city of Uyo. So, I am Inviting you to join me in a free one-on-one strategy session.
Here is what we will discuss during the strategy session:
Business diagnosis: I will get a clear understanding of your business model and the challenges your business is currently dealing with.
Tailored strategies: I will offer you tailored strategies that are customized to your business needs, preferences, and goals.
Actionable Steps: I will recommend a solution to take your business from poor visibility to getting more eyes to notice your business.

Only 10 slots available. Pick your date and time for the free one-on-one strategy session

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